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We were able to provide this sweet little girl with a mobile chair and base.

Nicolas was a typical well child who went into the hospital with pneumonia, but was discharged with very complex medical needs. He is now non-verbal, non-ambulatory, and the list goes on.  His family would have had to pay out of pocket for a wheelchair.  We were fortunate enough to be able to donate a wheelchair to this Nicolas.  

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Again, with the help of the Red Lion Elks Club, together we were able to provide a safe chair for this boy to enjoy his Make-A-Wish trip to the beach and to also use for bathing. 

These parents can rest easy knowing they can see and talk (via two-way audio) to their daughter from their phones regardless of where they are in proximity to their daughter. We were able to provide them with 2 Amaryllo Robot Security iCamPROO FHD Home Security Cameras  and 2 SD cards. 

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​​"This website is beautifully done and I hope all those that contribute will know what it means to the lives that have been touched. Great job to Erin and her staff."  

~ Christie Payto, Ohio

​​"Before Silver Linings Foundation was created, Erin was helping me to help my son.  She taught me how to write letters of medical necessity, communicate with my sons school, his care team, case managers, social workers and the list keeps going. Today I am a strong advocate for Jackson and I remain grateful for the time I spent under Erin's wing."  

~ Mother in Baltimore, MD

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Ms. Shirley was able to leave a rehab hospital and go home to her family due to the equipment and supplies we were able to help her with..

With the help of the Red Lion Elks Club, together we were able to provide a scooter to this boy who can now enjoy some freedom with his brother.

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​​"I am a nurse and have seen first hand the difference this foundation has made in life of my client and my clients family.  I don't know what would have happened to them if it hadn't been for the help that Silver Linings Foundation gave to them.  Please don't stop what you are doing.  It makes all the difference in the world!"

~ RN in York County, PA​​

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​​"Thank you for giving so much of your time and personal resources to help me and my kids."  

~ Mom in Dover, PA

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