Silver Linings functions as an advocate for the individual with disabilities and their family.  We help families navigate through such processes as insurance denials, complaints on nursing care, and neglect or abuse by hired caregivers.  In cases where financial strain is a critical issue, we can help secure funding and resources for families in need in collaboration with our partners in the news and print media.  They have proven to be especially helpful in spreading regional and national awareness for the special needs community.  

The mission of Silver Linings Foundation is to assist America’s disabled population and their families by providing them with Medical Care Guides, education, resources, and the equipment they need.

Silver Linings Foundation is focused on providing tools to better educate families and caregivers of individuals with disabilities on the proper care and the availability of resources that can address the unique needs of the individual and family. It is our foundation’s goal to help our clients navigate and understand the complex insurance processes and locate the proper disabilities programs available to them.  By helping to alleviate these common stressors, families will be free to instead focus on the quality of life of the individual with disabilities.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Jennifer A. Galloway, Esquire
Secretary:  Christie A. Shindel
Treasurer: Timothy R. Kline
Cheryl Rowland LPC, RYT
Kristen M. Pickel
Lynford King RPh
Michael A. Mendez, BS-RRT
Vivian Faircloth, MD

What We Do

Key Contacts

Erin G. Lindenmuth

Executive Director, President & CEO

Kristen M. Pickel

Director of Philanthropy

Michael A. Mendez, BS-RRT

Director of Education

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